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We are NOT an agency. We are a work collective!

We sharing the same passion for new digital media. With our background in marketing and programming, we help creative people express there ideas. Because of our interest in media as an art form, we created us this platform to share our work.

Check out our channels and send us an email, if you want wo work or collaborate with us.

Ashley Lapiz
Ashley Lapiz
Yo! I’m a marketer, text and concept genius. When I’m not joking around I help companies in a creative way to wake user emotion in there product and services. I also did a lot of graphics and font design. Emotion starts with a beautiful first presentation of the content. So check out my channels to see more of my work.
René Tanczos
René Tanczos
Hey boys and girls! I’m a software developer mostly working in the backend. In the past years I created services for a bigger scale. To see my other work, check out my website. Here and there I have an idea and then I come to the frontend, trying to build nice websites to help making the web a bit nicer.